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The Dr. Zaxx phenomenon has grown over the years and continues to help more migraine sufferers every day.

About Dr Zaxx

The Dr. Zaxx phenomenon has grown over the years. As you read below, you will discover more about Dr Zaxx, how it came to be and how it continues to help more migraine sufferers, every day.

It all started with a car accident that created painful migraines for one of the Dr. Zaxx founders. Since 1998, Dr. Zaxx has evolved with the help and support of numerous medical practitioners. The team also includes the myriad of people who’ve participating in testing Dr. Zaxx with each improvement along the way!

Dr. Zaxx was developed by 3 individuals quite familiar with the effects of migraines and headaches. Two suffer from occasional migraines and headaches, but one is no stranger to almost daily occurrences. In 1998, Melody was in a car accident that would become the catalyst for creating a drug free solution to her new found pains.

“I was a passenger in a Honda Civic when a Ford pickup truck hit us broad side. We managed to drive away, but I didn’t want to get out of the car until I got to the hospital. I knew something was wrong, I just didn’t know what. It turned out that I had a nasty case of whiplash.


The usual stuff was prescribed, including Tylenol with Codeine (T3’s). For days, Melody would lie in bed taking the maximum dosage of T3’s, not wanting to move because every time she did, her head would feel like it was going to explode.

“Some sympathetic friends recommended we call a friend of theirs who did a combination of massage and Cranial-Sacral work in the home. We did, and when he showed up it was a struggle to gently move myself from the bed to the massage table.

“After I explained the accident, and what the doctors had said, he started an acupressure technique designed to alleviate my headache. Less than five minutes later, my headache was gone!

“My husband Chris was close by and heard me say that my headache was gone. Having endured the past several days with my inability to do anything due to my headache, he was very interested in finding out what happened.


Chris asked to be taught how to perform this miracle and within minutes, he was able to apply the same acupressure technique. It wasn’t easy, and despite him having strong hands, his fingers weren’t used to sustaining the pressure needed for the time required. In 2003, Chris’s job required him to travel a lot, leaving no one at home to help Melody when she was suffering. Knowing that he’s quite the handyman, Melody asked him to try and put together something that she could use by herself that would apply the same pressure in the same way.

“We brainstormed and fiddled with a number of ideas. The first model was rudimentary, bulky, and not much to look at – but boy did it work!

“I decided to make this device available to others who, like me, couldn’t find headache relief. I also hate the idea of popping pills. Our bodies just weren’t made to handle all these made-up chemicals that the pharmaceutical companies are pushing on us. The list of possible side effects for regular Tylenol alone is enough to make me pause before reaching for a bottle. There had to be more people out there who would rather get rid of their headache without drugs. As a bonus, my “machine” (as friends and family affectionately began calling it, even though it has no moving parts or power source) works faster than drugs!

“One of the first persons I told about the machine was our good friend Ron. I knew he suffered from occasional migraines and thought this could help him. He scoffed at the idea that my simple little device could alleviate headaches, never mind migraines! We made a friendly bet, but he didn’t have a migraine at the time. So in the sprit of “scientific experimentation”, he suggested creating a massive headache for himself, and proceeded to drink a little too much red wine that evening. As he described it to me, he woke up with a headache that felt “like someone had hit me in the eye with an axe.” With his skeptical attitude firmly in place, he proceeded to use the device. He closed his eyes and in less than two minutes, he realized, to his surprise, that his headache was gone. Completely! He tried it again a few times when he did get his regular stress related migraines. Same results; migraine gone!

“After that, the three of us had numerous friends and family go through similar experiences. Skepticism, followed by reluctantly trying the device, to finally begging Chris to make them one. Chris had been carrying around the nickname “Zaxx” since childhood. Now friends and family who had used the machine began calling him “Dr. Zaxx” and eventually the name migrated to the machine.

“I even had to give up my first Dr. Zaxx for 3 weeks when a neighbor begged me to let her take it on a vacation. They were taking their RV on a tour of the Western United States. Due to a previous car accident, she would get debilitating headaches from muscle strain caused by driving. She wanted to enjoy her vacation and my Dr. Zaxx worked wonders for her.

“I didn’t want to go three weeks without my Dr. Zaxx, and my neighbor was reluctant to return it. That’s when I started looking more seriously at making them on a larger scale.


Ron begged to be involved in getting Dr. Zaxx out to the rest of the world. Ron operates a large Canadian mail-order pharmacy that sells prescription medications to senior citizens in The United States. He knew what his patients spent each year on migraine medication and he was quite sensitive to the fact that not everyone’s digestive systems can handle taking drugs. He thought Dr. Zaxx could offer an alternative to drugs and save patients a lot of money at the same time.

“Two years, numerous designs and about 300 enthusiastic guinea pigs later, we had 100 Dr. Zaxx made and placed in offices of chiropractors, doctors, massage therapists and even acupuncturists. The results were nothing less than astounding! People were demanding we make the Dr. Zaxx available for sale to the public. At the same time, a new patented Gel-Foam technology was developed by our manufacturer. We made a few with the new material and the comments from users told us one thing; we have the solution!


And now, so do you!

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