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Dr Zaxx Testimonials

Just a sampling of many received Dr Zaxx testimonials from satisfied folks.

“After years of taking prescription medicine and still suffering, I finally found relief from my headaches with Dr. Zaxx. Thank you!” Arlene R. Mobridge, SD

“My headaches have been getting progressively worse over the years and none of the doctors I’ve seen have been able to do anything about it. After using Dr. Zaxx for a few weeks, I’ve noticed that I am suffering with a headache less often, and they are less severe. Every doctor should be told about Dr. Zaxx.” Jason H. Langley, BC

“As a chiropractor I get to see a lot of people who suffer with whiplash. Ever since I started using Dr. Zaxx on my patients prior to adjusting them, the process has been a lot easier. The muscles seem to relax and make it easy for me to make the necessary adjustment. Not only that, but, it is far easier to treat someone who isn’t suffering with a headache. Five minutes on Dr. Zaxx prior to my seeing a patient makes a world of a difference.” Dr. Kathy V. Tacoma, WA

“Wow! A friend of mine (now my best friend) bought me a Dr. Zaxx as a present. I would never have purchased one myself being as skeptical as I am. Since it was a gift I thought I should at least give it a try. It was a very pleasant surprise for me when my headache disappeared after using Dr. Zaxx for only three minutes.” Jeanette R. Augusta, GA

“Amazing device! Dr. Zaxx worked for me when years of doctors visits and prescriptions didn’t. Now, can you help me with arthritis?” Cynthia S. Denver, CO “Yet another wonder brought to me by the internet. We’re glad we found you.” Markus S. Gothenburg, Sweden

“I used to use Dr. Zaxx three times a day to get rid of my headaches. Now, not only did Dr. Zaxx save me from suffering with headaches, but it seems to have fixed the reason for the headaches in the first place. Now I only have to use Dr. Zaxx a couple times a month.” Annette B. New York, NY

“Unfortunately, I don’t have to imagine how much money Dr. Zaxx can save me on prescription drugs. I used to spend hundreds of dollars per month (think car payment) on prescription drugs to help control my migraines. Now, I use Dr. Zaxx and the money I save each month has made a significant change in my lifestyle.” Howard L. Memphis, TN

“My husband is tired of hearing me rave about my Dr. Zaxx, so I had to write you to get it out of my system. Thank you so much!” Carlee R. Ellensburg, WA “Dr. Zaxx is my new American Express – I don’t leave home without it.” Mary J. Mystic Islands, NJ

“Dr.Zaxx was the topic here at work not so long ago. I purchased one online and it works!” Annica R, Stockholm Sweden

“The drug companies should be ashamed of themselves. How can they justify taking huge sums of peoples money when a simple, low cost solution is available with Dr. Zaxx?” Jessica K. Green Bay, WI

“I’m ashamed to admit all the things I’ve tried in order to get my headaches under control. Thanks to Dr. Zaxx, my search is over. I’m proud to tell friends and family about this wonderful device and the amazing results I’ve had.” Larry S. Boca Raton, FL

“I’d feel like a total cad if I didn’t say thank you for ending years of suffering. Thank you!” Maria S. Phoenix, AZ

“I have been suffering with headaches (not migraines) for the past couple years now. I’ve tried chiropractors, massage, heat, cold, and drugs. Not only has Dr. Zaxx gotten rid of my headaches, but I no longer even get them! I don’t understand what Dr. Zaxx does, but you cannot argue with the results.” Deborah D. Seattle, WA

“I am a doctor who gets regular, recurring headaches. I know full well the long term affects of using drugs over an extended period. So, I didn’t want to be taking medicine every time I got a headache. Sometimes I would have to suffer, and sometimes I was able to get rid of it with some self massage. Dr. Zaxx has made it far easier for me to alleviate these headaches, and is much more consistent with the results.” Dr. Murray H. Vancouver, BC

“I didn’t want to try it. My wife insisted. I can’t argue with the results. Thank you.” Mike C. Winnipeg, MB

“Thank you. Nuff said.” Kent A. Dallas, TX

Feel the Pain? Relax with Dr. Zaxx!

“There ought to be a law that people have to try a Dr. Zaxx before they are prescribed a pill. After years of trying various types of (expensive) prescription medicine to try and control my headaches, Dr. Zaxx comes along and makes me feel foolish for having wasted all that time and money.” Candace R. Fresno, CA

“Why haven’t I seen this headache cure before? How dare you withhold such a wonderful thing from the headache suffering public for all these years! Shame on you! And God bless you!” Melinda H. Dayton, OH

“I told my doctor that I wanted to stop taking the prescription medicine for my migraines. After I explained that I had found a natural cure that worked for me (Dr. Zaxx), he simply said ok and changed the subject. Why is it that doctors are so against anything that isn’t a pill that they aren’t even curious to know what else might work? He is in a position to help so many people with your wonderful product, but because it doesn’t come as a prescription, he dismisses it right away. It truly is a crazy world.” Angela F. Spokane, WA

“Who would have thought that a simple little thing like Dr. Zaxx could get rid of my headaches? Certainly not me! Not until I tried it and it worked that is. Thanks!” Mitchell O. Peoria, IL

“It is too bad that Dr. Zaxx isn’t more widely available. There are a lot of people like me who would benefit from using Dr. Zaxx but have never heard of it. Keep marketing, because you are doing this world a great service. And thanks! My order took just 5 days to get here.” Shanice B. Washington, DC

“Have you thought about selling Dr. Zaxx through liquor stores? I don’t get headaches, but my wife does, so she has a Dr. Zaxx. The other night I tied one on with the boys and the hangover headache the next morning was a doozy! Right away, my wife suggested I try Dr. Zaxx. Thinking it was just for migraines, I passed on the offer. An hour later, I snuck it out and tried it. Then I felt silly for not trying it an hour earlier. At first it felt a little uncomfortable, but I was too lazy to stop. About four minutes later, I opened my eyes and realized that my headache was gone. Bit of nausea still, but no headache at all! How do you do that???” Rexx P. Vancouver, BC

“As a cranial sacral practitioner I’ve know for years that you can get rid of headaches by applying pressure the same way Dr. Zaxx does. I’ve never seen a product that mimics my technique so well. Well done! Might cost me, but Im recommending it to my patients.” Dr. Brian Q. Buffalo, NY

“Dr. Zaxx has done wonders for my sore back. I’ve actually stopped going to the chiropractor (who wasn’t doing a lot of good anyway). For all the money you have saved me, I have to say that you are selling Dr. Zaxx too cheap. It would easily be worth it at twice the price.” Sheila N. Baltimore, MD

“Where have you been all my life! I’m embarrassed to say that my life is just now beginning at age 44 because I no longer have to suffer with migraines. Does the good Doctor have any brothers available for a date?” Rose G. Durham, NC

“I now keep a Dr. Zaxx at work and another one at home. One just wasn’t enough. If I ever forget to take it to the cabin, you will be hearing from me for a third Dr. Zaxx.” Norm M. St. Cloud, MN

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