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The Dr Zaxx User Guide will help you make the most of your Dr. Zaxx with our simple instructions.

Dr Zaxx User Guide

The Dr Zaxx User Guide will help you make the most of your Dr. Zaxx with our simple instructions.

You’ll learn how to use Dr. Zaxx to help you relieve headaches, migraines, neck, back, and even sciatic pains!

Congratulations and thank you for purchasing Dr. Zaxx. Drug free headache relief is now in your hands. Please take a few minutes to review this guide.

We’ve designed your Dr. Zaxx to last a lifetime. It’s made from the finest materials available, using the latest scientific technology. Dr. Zaxx will exceed your expectations for value and amaze you with results.

Dr. Zaxx will pay for itself in short order by using it instead of drugs. More affordable than the price of a visit to a massage therapist, Dr. Zaxx will help you stop the pain from headaches for the rest of your life!

Your Dr. Zaxx comes with our Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. In the unlikely event that your Dr. Zaxx breaks or wears down to the point that it becomes ineffective – we’ll replace it free of charge…forever!

It also comes with our Peace of Mind Guarantee. If within 30 days of buying your Dr. Zaxx, you’re not happy with the astonishing results others are enjoying, simply give us a call, and we’ll cheerfully refund the entire purchase price.

Dr. Zaxx is proudly made and manufactured in Canada. No part of Dr. Zaxx comes from any other country.

How Does Dr. Zaxx Work?

Dr. Zaxx is basically a portable therapist. It works by copying the expensive therapies practiced by many cranial-sacral practitioners, massage therapists, chiropractors, and even some doctors. Dr. Zaxx is able to do this without the repetitive cost or the inconvenience of having to schedule an office visit.

Dr. Zaxx was designed as a home therapy acupressure device to help relieve not only headaches, but a variety of other minor aches and pains. The same technique is being used successfully in chiropractic, acupuncturist, massage therapy and medical clinics throughout the world.

The size and shape of the acupressure pads were designed for multiple uses. Using patented Gel Foam technology, the pads simulate the feeling and firmness of fingertips applying pressure. Use Dr. Zaxx in ways that maintain your comfort, but please keep in mind that even massage therapy creates some level of discomfort. Applying pressure may not be enjoyable in some areas, but generally provides relief within a few minutes.

Using Your Dr. Zaxx – 3 Easy Steps!

It’s important to note that not everyone will find instant results the first time they use Dr. Zaxx. Your headaches may be a result of years of bad posture, an injury that has been wearing down cartilage, muscles that have tightened up over time, or a combination of things that have steadily gotten worse over time. To fix these things takes time and effort. There’s no quick fix.

But don’t worry! Even if it doesn’t work 100% the first time, you should still experience some relief, and the healing process will have begun. Try it again with your next headache and be sure you’re using it properly. It may take some time to get used to and for you to experience complete relief.

Using your Dr. Zaxx should be an easy, relaxing process. Avoid stressful or loud environments and make sure you don’t have bright lights in your eyes. Dark, quiet rooms work best. When you’re ready to use your Dr. Zaxx, follow these three easy steps and you’ll be on your way to headache relief. And be sure to drink plenty of water! Headache pain can be much worse if you’re slightly dehydrated.

Caution: Do not use Dr. Zaxx for more than 5 minutes at a time. Allow several hours rest in between each use.

Step 1: Find A Quiet, Comfortable Place To Lie Down

Dr. Zaxx works best when placed on a stable, level surface. We recommend you use a carpeted floor or rug. A bed or couch will also work, although it may be more difficult to properly position your Dr. Zaxx if the surface is uneven or too soft.

Step 2: Properly Grasp Dr. Zaxx With Both Hands

Lay down on your back (facing the ceiling) with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. On each side of your Dr. Zaxx you’ll find orientation grooves in which to place your thumbs. The grooves are angled in a direction that will allow you to comfortably hold your Dr. Zaxx (figures a & b). With both hands, raise Dr. Zaxx directly above your face, with the bowl area facing downward toward you (figure c).

Figure A

Figure B

Figure C

Step 3: Properly Position Your Dr. Zaxx

The acupressure pads (figure d) should come in contact with the two pressure or “trigger” points located on your neck muscles (figure e), just below the base of the skull where your spine attaches. The acupressure pads should stimulate blood flow to your neck muscles and help relieve muscle tension and tightness; a major cause of headaches.

You should have one acupressure pad on each side of your spine. This is done by keeping your thumbs in the orientation grooves and comfortably reaching behind, then placing Dr. Zaxx under your head (figure f).

If you find it difficult or painful to lift your head off of the floor, you can hold the Dr. Zaxx in one hand and use the other hand to help raise your head.

Figure D

Figure E

Figure F

You’ll want to have your chin slightly tucked in towards your chest (figure g), but not too much (figure h). This will provide a gentle stretch for the back of your neck. Do not tilt your head back with your chin pointing away from your chest (figure i).

Figure G

Figure H

Figure I

Feel free to nod your head, but only slightly, in order to massage the back of your neck. However, you shouldn’t allow your head to drop back (chin up) for an extended period. Always bring the chin back towards the chest when lying motionless.

Be sure your head isn’t touching or resting in the bowl area of your Dr. Zaxx. The acupressure pads and proper chin positioning will keep your head slightly above the bowl area.

Now all you need to do is relax, place your arms loosely at your side with your palms up (figure j), and take some deep breaths. Let your Dr. Zaxx help you to gently relax the muscles in your neck.

Figure J

Occasionally you may feel a gentle “release.” This is your neck muscles relaxing. This release will cause your head to settle over your Dr. Zaxx. Relax and let gravity and Dr. Zaxx do the work. There’s no need to re-adjust your head to compensate for the release. After using Dr. Zaxx, be sure to roll on to your side before getting up. Sitting straight up can create tension in your neck muscles and minimize the results of using Dr. Zaxx.

Helpful Tips and Techniques for Improving Results

By following the three easy steps, most users should feel pain relief almost immediately. To enhance your Dr. Zaxx experience and help achieve deeper relaxation, combine Dr. Zaxx soothing Ocean Serenity CD, Dr. Zaxx Aromatherapy Oil (both available at, a warming pad and an eye pillow, and you’re set. Imagine you’re at the spa!

For some people, a few additional techniques may be used to improve results. Depending on the nature of your headache, you may find your Dr. Zaxx to be more effective by using some or all of these helpful techniques:

Leg Raises

In order to properly do this technique, you’ll need considerable tummy strength. You’ll have to lift your knees towards your chest without moving your body. Slowly move your knees towards your chest until your tailbone is off the floor. Lower you legs back down keeping your knees bent, and repeat. This will elongate the spine and help relax muscles on either side of the spine. If you don’t have enough strength for this technique, you can get some of the same benefits by straightening your legs on the floor and pointing your toes towards your knees. Then hold, relax and repeat.

Head Rolling

This technique can aggravate neck injuries, so consult your health professional before you try this. You can massage a greater area and pinpoint problem areas by rolling your head from side to side on your Dr. Zaxx.

Roll your head only slightly from side to side. Ten to twenty degrees of roll from the center should be enough for you to achieve a deeper massage (figure k). There’s no need to roll your head completely sideways (figure l). Never stop with your head rolled to either side. Always return back to the starting position with your eyes facing the ceiling.

Figure K

Figure L

Figure M


Before using Dr. Zaxx, a small dot of Dr. Zaxx Aromatherapy Oil applied between your eyebrows can help you relax. You can purchase our 100% natural oils specially blended for headache and migraine relief at

Dr. Zaxx carries Peppermint and Lavender essential oils. For centuries, both have been used successfully in aromatherapy for relief of headaches and migraines.

Many people have allergic reactions to scented oils. Be sure to test your reaction before applying it to any sensitive areas. If you find you’re having a bad reaction to scented oil, wash it off using olive oil or some other cooking oil – water will not work.

Be careful not to get any oil in your eyes!

Other Uses for Dr. Zaxx

Dr. Zaxx can be used to apply pressure to any area where you’re experiencing muscle aches or pain. For best results, make sure the pads are applying pressure to the painful or tingling areas.

For sore backs, place Dr. Zaxx between yourself and a wall or chair and gently lean into it (figure m). Position the acupressure pads on or around the area where you’re feeling the pain. Try to relax into your Dr. Zaxx and let it do the work. By leaning into it, you may find you can get some amazing results throughout your back and hips.

For sciatic pain, position the pads so at least one of them applies pressure to the tingling area on the back of your hip bone. Lean into Dr. Zaxx or lie on it over a very soft surface if you need to.

The weight of your body pressed against Dr. Zaxx will create the pressure needed to help relieve the pain.

If you need to lay your body on Dr. Zaxx, it’s best to find a cushiony surface like a very soft bed or couch. If you use a hard floor, the pressure from the pads is increased and comfort levels are decreased.

If you’re using your Dr. Zaxx for massaging your back, you should not massage any one spot for more than fifteen minutes. Like any deep massage, you may feel a little sore after or even the next day.

Always try to find a comfortable position for both yourself and Dr. Zaxx. Turn your Dr. Zaxx around, even sideways to find the right fit. Once you’ve found the right spot, relax and wait for your muscles to release. You can move a little to achieve a deep massage, but keep your movements small.

Dr. Zaxx can help you improve your posture. As we age or become less active, our neck muscles tighten up and make us slouch. Use Dr. Zaxx, as you would for a headache, for just five minutes a day, and look for an improvement in your posture within weeks!

Take Dr. Zaxx on long drives. If your back gets sore, put Dr. Zaxx between you and the seat back so that the pads apply pressure to the problem area. Do not attempt to place or adjust Dr. Zaxx while driving! Pull over and stop in a safe place first.

Dr. Zaxx also makes a great floating pillow. Use it in the bathtub the same way you would to stop headaches. Dr. Zaxx will help keep your nose and mouth above water, without creating neck pain.

Feel free to experiment. If you find new ways to use your Dr. Zaxx we’d love to post your story on our web site. You can also join our forum to share your success stories and tips for headache relief with others.

Cleaning and Caring For Your Dr. Zaxx

Caring for your Dr. Zaxx is a breeze. Use a damp cloth and mild soap to maintain its new look. Dr. Zaxx can be washed in a sink or tub, but DO NOT place Dr. Zaxx in your automatic dishwasher or clothes washing machine. Keep Dr. Zaxx at room temperature where possible and out of direct sunlight. DO NOT try to heat Dr. Zaxx in any way and DO NOT place Dr. Zaxx in any conventional or microwave ovens.

Dr. Zaxx is the BEST GIFT you’ll ever give!

Do you know someone who suffers from migraines or headaches? Please share the wonders of Dr. Zaxx and help make a difference in other people’s lives. You can even earn money doing it! Sign up in our “Tell A Friend” Program at and you can make $10 for every Dr Zaxx purchase made by people you refer.

Thank You!

Thank you for putting your trust in Dr. Zaxx. We value your input and feedback. If you’d like to share your experience with us, or even with others, please write us or send an email. We’ll post your comments on our website at

We sincerely hope that you find relief from your headaches and other aches and pains. On our website, please visit our Headache Info page for additional information regarding headache relief. You can also sign up for our newsletter to keep up with the latest headache research and news from around the world as well as participate in the forums.


  • Do not use your Dr. Zaxx for more than 5 minutes at a time. Use a timer if you feel you may fall asleep or lose track of time.
  • Do not use your Dr. Zaxx more than 3 times per day.
  • Discontinue use if you experience any of the following while using your Dr. Zaxx: dizziness, pressure in your head, numbness, nausea, blurred vision.
  • Do not let children use Dr. Zaxx.
  • Do not use your Dr. Zaxx if you have high blood pressure.
  • Do not use your Dr. Zaxx if you have arterial problems, including, but not limited • to hardening of the arteries or poor blood flow.
  • Do not use on bodily injuries.

Your Dr. Zaxx is for relaxation, not for exercise. If you choose to move while using it, be sure that it is slow, gentle movements that do not put strain on your neck or back. You should never have to strain yourself in order to properly use your Dr. Zaxx.

If at any time you find that your headache is getting worse or if you feel any unusual muscle pain when using your Dr. Zaxx or when trying any of the additional techniques, immediately stop using your Dr. Zaxx. Your Dr. Zaxx should be comfortable to use.

Note that Dr. Zaxx is not for everyone. Consultation with a medical doctor is always required. This is especially true if your headache is in any way unusual, comes on quickly, or is severe. If you are suffering from a neck or spinal injury you must consult your physician prior to using Dr. Zaxx. A headache can be an indication you are suffering with a serious illness. Do not use Dr. Zaxx as a replacement for competent medical advice.

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