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Help your friends and family with Dr. Zaxx! Earn $10 for every person you help!

Tell a Friend Program

Would you like to help them find the relief that you’ve found with Dr. Zaxx?

It’s simple. Sign up today for your Tell-A-Friend program PIN number (Personal Identification Number). Everyone you give your PIN number to will save $10.00 off the purchase of one Dr. Zaxx, The Original Drug-Free Headache Reliever and, we’ll send you $10.00! (read the program rules below).

By joining our Tell-A-Friend program, doing a good deed helps everyone. Sharing has its rewards. If you own a Web site, you can join our affiliate program and earn even more!


Tell a Friend Program Rules

  1. 1 (one) PIN number will be assigned upon request. Dr.Zaxx provides each PIN number.
  2. Upon issuance of a PIN, requester becomes a “Program Participant”.
  3. Program Participants cannot change their PIN.
  4. Dr.Zaxx will pay each Program Participant a $10.00 (ten dollar) “Credit” for each purchase of Dr.Zaxx when the purchaser enters or otherwise informs Dr.Zaxx staff of Program Participants PIN at time of purchase only.
  5. PIN’s will be verified at time of purchase. For each verified PIN Dr.Zaxx purchase, purchaser will receive an instant $10.00 (ten dollar) discount and Program Participant will receive a Credit of $10.00 (ten dollar) to their Dr.Zaxx Tell-A-Friend account.
  6. The Dr. Zaxx “Tell-A-Friend Program” applies only to purchases of Dr.Zaxx (The Soother) or gift packs including the Dr. Zaxx Soother. It does not apply to purchases of CD’s, Essential Oils, Candles or any purchase that does not include a Dr. Zaxx Soother.
  7. There is no limit to the number or dollar amount of credits available to Program Participants or Purchasers.
  8. Program Participants and Purchasers who make multiple purchases are eligible for credits on every Dr. Zaxx Soother. For Example, if purchasers purchases 7 Dr. Zaxx Soothers during one purchase, Purchaser will receive a discount of $70.00 (seventy dollars) and Program Participant will receive a credit to their account of $70.00 (seventy dollars).
  9. Credits will accumulate in Program Participants’ account and be paid to Program Participants by check. Checks will be issued for all credits in Program Participants account on April 15th, July 15th, October 15th and January 15th for the all credits accumulated during the previous three month period.
  10. All checks will be made payable to name entered by Participant at time of PIN request and sent to address entered by Participant at time of PIN request. Changes to name or address can be requested by contacting Dr. Zaxx.
  11. Dr. Zaxx reserves the right to discontinue the “Tell-A-Friend” Program at any time. All credits due to Program Participants will be paid out upon program cancellation.
  12. All Program Participants will also receive the Dr. Zaxx newsletter.
  13. All personal information provided by Program Participants is protected by The Dr. Zaxx “Privacy Policy”. We do not share or divulge any of your information to anyone!

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